Masterclass contents

Day 1

The project manager as an influencer and an architect,
Being goal-oriented, flexible and communicative,
Agile and traditional principles, Mindset

  • Introduction and individual learning objectives
  • The power of action
  • Your Agile inspirator, the TomTom
  • Model of a project
  • The V-model
  • The product creation process
  • The Scrum process
  • The 10% confrontation rule

Day 2

Project organization, manage yourself, your team and your environment

  • Stakeholder management
  • The project organization
  • Personal leadership
  • Stephen Covey’s 7 habits of highly effective people 
  • Situational leadership according to Hersey & Blanchard
  • Involvement, Motivation and Teamwork
  • The critical parameter and Design for X

Day 3

Making a plan as a thinker and a doer,
blending system engineering and project management

  • The ten stages of the planning process in agile and traditional projects
  • Understaining the difference between “understanding project size” and “directing project execution”
  • Project decomposition
  • Integration with systems engineering
  • Workshop “Breaking up into smaller pieces until you understand
  • Workhop “early confrontation and Design for X”
  • Size & effort estimation
    • The Delphi method
    • Scrum Planning Poker
    • Three-points technique
  • The psychology of estimation and execution
    • Goldratt’s Theory of constraints
    • How Scrum helps with self-organization
  • Timeline, allocation of people and resources
  • Sketch with the team and the project management plan

Day 4

Project execution in practice,
how heartbeat brings progress, learning, discipline, cooperation and peace of mind

  • Size & effort estimation
  • The psychology of estimation and execution
  • From (multidisciplinary) breakdown to time schedule
  • Taking the lead in planning and reporting
  • Planning tips & tricks (for planning tools)
  • Heartbeat and the blind check
  • PDCA in practice (combined with risk management and change management)
  • Summary “whole training on one A4 page”