Masterclass PM & Agile Leadership

Discover the ultimate method for dealing with changes: learn to initiate the changes that benefit you. Transform yourself from a controller to an influencer!

If you want a personal makeover when it comes to project management in just four days, the Masterclass Project Management & Agile Leadership is for you. During four intense yet humorous days, you will learn everything you need to know about the essence and application of project management and Agile leadership.

During this masterclass, each participant will receive plenty of personal attention and there is a focus on learning as a group. Each group therefore consists of no more than eight to ten participants. The training is offered as in-company training, adapted to the participants’ own organisation.

Integration with the Product Creation Process

During the Project Management masterclass, participants will get a complete overview of the business of project management. The masterclass covers all of the international IPMA competence baseline ICB4. A valuable addition to this masterclass is the link to the product creation process. The masterclass is therefore ideally suited for people who work in product or process development and want to understand how project management is used in combination with systems engineering, quality management, process improvement, supply chain management, etcetera.

A selection of the topics that are covered:

  1. About the power of action. How you can take control boldly, surprise your environment and get things done your way.
  2. How Agile is a process and – above all – a mindset. Learn how to be Agile in any environment with Agile leadership.
  3. How can you plan the unplannable? Stop being paralysed by uncertainties or caught off guard by changes.
  4. Proactively covering risks while also keeping the project moving? How to combine thinking and acting.
  5. How to direct (as an influencer) your team and – above all – your client and your environment.
  6. How insight into the essence allows you to easily combine different project management methods, e.g. how Goldratt’s Theory of Constraints ties in seamlessly with Agile project management.
  7. How to integrate project management with methods such as system engineering, Six Sigma, FMEA, Fagan Inspections, Quality management, testing, HALT, etcetera.

Get a detailled impression of the Masterclass contents

IPMA-C and IPMA-D level – and more

The masterclass is based on the IPMA (International Project Management Association) guidelines, which guarantees its internationally demonstrable level of quality and experience. After completing this masterclass, you can take the IPMA exam at IPMA level D (entry-level project manager) or level C (experienced project manager with demonstrable practical experience). However, the masterclass is not limited to IPMA and transcends the methodical aspects by putting the participants first and exploring the essence of project management. That means other methods, e.g. Agile, Scrum, Lean, Prince2, PMI and more, are also covered in detail.

Target audience

This masterclass is designed for middle and senior project managers. However, in this day and age, all knowledge workers are project managers of sorts because they are responsible for their own results. That makes this training exceptionally suitable for system engineers, buyers, lead engineers, supply chain managers and others who want to develop their personal leadership and project and environment management skills. The masterclass is also accessible and suitable for people without a technical background.

“For me, the masterclass offered a complete overview of the business of project management. It also gave me plenty of eye openers and useful tips and tricks.”
Martjan Bodegom, Engineering Manager, BAM Infraconsult

“A unique combination of depth and cabaret!”
Dennis Aarts, Programma manager at BioConnection

“Roel, I had a fantastic time. You talk about your subject in such a lively, enthusiastic and yet practical manner – simply amazing. I would recommend the PM Masterclass to anyone.”
Martin Fleuster, Technology Manager Automotive Laser based Light Sources at Lumileds